Navaratri Festival or "Nine nights" Festival celebrates the Divine Mother in all her Glory for nine days, and the culmination is celebrated on the tenth day as Vijayadashami. This brings Devi's abundant blessings to one and all during this sacred period. This is usually celebrated around September - October. The exact dates depend on the Hindu Calendar. Navaratri 2010 for instance, was celebrated from October 8 - 16. Navaratri 2011 will be celebrated from September 28 - 6th October. Come, attend this year's celebrations at the Hindu Temple in Flushing, Queens. All are welcome.

The First three days, Divine Mother is worshipped as Sri Durga the Protector and Remover of impurities, the next three days as Maha Lakshmi the Giver of eight kinds of wealth and the final three days as Maha Saraswati who blesses us with learning, the arts and wisdom.

We are fortunate to see Hindu Philosophy, Culture, arts & religious practices alive and flourishing  well at the Hindu Temple. If you want to learn more about Hinduism and have questions (remember, no question is too dumb!), feel free to contact the Temple Public Relations Officer Mr. G. Padmanabhan at (718) 460 - 8484 to arrange a tour.

Take a look at the video collection for 2010 Navaratri celebrations at the Hindu Temple. Stay tuned for more videos soon.

  Sree Durga Abhishekam  

Performed on October 10, 2010 at the Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam at Flushing, Queens during Navaratri.

Abhishekam, a Hindu ritual is the bathing of deities amidst chanting of mantras (prayers) and it is considered auspicious to perform, partake in, or witness one being performed.

Here, Goddess Durga the Protector and Remover of impurities, is given Abhisekham.